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                                                     Dipl. Psychologist-Ela Jaskolka


 I am a psychologist and  I am learning about people´s behavior and mind for 25 years now.                    But every person fascinates me again and again. 

I combine my psychological knowledge with my many years of experience in corporate business. 


I have been working for various DAX companies for 19 years. Last 9 years I had a manager position.                               I am an expert in the clinical research field.                                  

As an leader I am familiar with the issues around employee´s workload, with performance and time pressure, virtual work, shortage of skilled workers, 


As a clinical research specialist, I understand the mind-body connection. Mental health is the basis to remain strong, efficient and physically healthy. in time of crises and increased stress.


I support people with professional challenges and personal crises.

These can be self-esteem problems, feelings of being overwhelmed or difficulties in partnership.       With me you can  can cry and laugh! I would be happy to accompany you on your journey. Together we create a solution focus, which contributes to personal growth and a quick improvement in your situation. As a mental health coach, I support you in discovering your potential and strengthening your resources.  


As I grew up and work in a multicultural environment, I offer coaching in 4 languages                                                    German, Polish, English and Spanish


My offer

Mental Health Coach

Leadership/ Executive coaching

Systemic Consulting & Therapy (HPG) 

Communication training 

 Workshops & Seminars for companies 


Work experience

Project Manager in an international DAX company

 Freelance Mental Health Coach & Systemic Counselor
 (INSITE, Workplace Options, Likeminded, IFE)
 Trainer at BAD Healthcare


Previous activities:

Executive selection at a management consultancy
Systemic Consulting & Therapy at various family and life counseling centers 
Systemic therapy in a psychiatric day clinic in Warsaw 



2023-2024 NLP Practitioner

2023 Cognitive Behavioral Coach

2022 Solution-Focused Coach (Solutions Academy, ICF PCC)

2019-2021 Nonviolent Communication (Forum Freie Demokratie)

2019-2020 Project Management Professional (PMP- PMI)

2016- Systemic Counselor (DGSF)

2009-2010 Systemic Counselor (GST)

2009 Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy

2006-2007 Clinical Hypnosis (MEG)

2003-2009 Congresses and training courses on clinical hypnosis (MEG)

2001-2006 Couple and Family Therapy (AFS & HHU Düsseldorf))

2005 Diploma in Psychology


I look forward talking to you!

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