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      Systemic Counseling & Therapy

The systemic approach considers people´s behaviour in relation to others . A system can represent the family, relationship, circle of friends or team members within a company. As people interact and relate to each other, they also influence each other. Problems can arise when systems no longer function well and relationships between people are disrupted. 


The systemic counseling and therapy aim at expanding people's perception and possibilities of action.  Resources are strengthened, perspectives changed and new opportunities open up.   

 The focus is on the solution and not on the problem!



Counseling includes 5-10 sessions and is used for acute, temporary problems such as.

conflicts at work

Work life balance

   Changing jobs

Acute couple and family problems

 Communication problems etc.


Psychotherapy (HPG.)

I have permission to exercise the Psychotherapy according to the German law for alternative therapies (HpG.).              This means that the treatment costs are NOT covered by the health insurance companies. However some private           health insurance companies and supplementary insurance companies take over the costs.

Please inquire with your health insurance company BEFORE starting treatment. 

 Therapy takes longer and deals with the concerns in more depth. Therapy is recommended for issues                                   that have their origins in the past. E.g. 



Adjustment Disorders

Compulsive thoughts and behavior






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